Color your World: Black

Black is beautiful, isn’t it?

Dreamy Sunset…

Love sunset a lot…  It’s beautiful!


However, it goes so fast.  Can’t stop myself to capture it…  Hope you like it too…:)

sunset Sep 30 2015


First time to catch up with jellyfish…

Took them in Singapore last week.  Just cannot believe that they are so beautiful…

Wet Day in Shichiku Garden

There are so many beautiful gardens in Hokkaido…  The first one we visited was Shichiku Garden.  It had been raining heavily that morning.  Fortunately, when we arrived, the rain stopped…  It was wet.

All these drops dressed up the flowers with lights and reflections…  What a surprise!

Sorry… Didn’t know that you’re sleeping here!

The beaches in South Island of New Zealand are so beautiful…  One afternoon we walked by Cannibal Bay and suddenly I found a moving rock. We went closer and found it’s not a rock, its a sea lion…

Sea lion sleeping with sand covering 1/3 of his body…

Sorry to wake you up!!!

OMG…  If he didn’t move, I might step on him!  His wife was just a few meters behind the grass…

Sorry to disturb your sweet dream… Calm down baby!

Don’t be angry…:)

What a Double!

We got excited when you can take a photo of a beautiful butterfly…  This picture was taken in Taiwan earlier this year.   I got two tiny Leptotes plinius linking together romantically. I got double… Yeah!角紋小灰蝶交尾1

What a beautiful world out there…

Sun rises every morning from the mountain, birds sing to wake people up, butterflies and bees start working on the flowers, our cat Felix loves to watch all these happening thru the window…  She admires all God’s creation with curious eyes…  How can all these happen?  What a wonderful world!

DSC_5964 a DSC_5966 a