Color your World: Apricot

The rain is over… Enjoy!

Color your World: Violet Red

After the rain somewhere in Japan… Isn’t it pretty?

Color your World: Tropical Rain Forest

Early morning after rain in Japan… Hope you like it!


The first typhoon this year hit Hong Kong yesterday…  It now moves north but we have heavy rain for the rest of the week!

The only way to catch a giraffe is this little one at home.  Hope you like it… 🙂Giraffe


We had a wet morning today.  But we found butterflies did enjoy water drops after the rain…

Three-spot Grass Yellow 檗黃粉蝶

Wet Day in Shichiku Garden

There are so many beautiful gardens in Hokkaido…  The first one we visited was Shichiku Garden.  It had been raining heavily that morning.  Fortunately, when we arrived, the rain stopped…  It was wet.

All these drops dressed up the flowers with lights and reflections…  What a surprise!


Everyone needs water to survive…  Water has different forms that give us different feeling. Icy water keeps us cool.  Heavy rain storm sometimes hurts.  Morning mist keeps the nature fresh.  River helps to irrigate the fields…

Would like to share with you a photo I took in China during summer.  Its early in the morning.  Due to the temperature difference, the fog stays on the service of the river.  Its calm and peaceful…  Isn’t it?