Color your World: Tickle Me Pink

Color your World: Pink Sherbet

Aren’t they romantic? Hope you like them!

Shocking Pink

Pink usually is soft and romantic…  Shocking pink must be eye-catching…  This is my pick. Don’t know if it’s shocking enough!



Red together with blue comes purple…  Depending on percentage of red or blue, it becomes more reddish or bluer.

It’s a pretty and romantic color.  I love to put it together with yellow, it gets sharper and brighter. Don’t you agree with me?

Water Lily

Romantic Moment…

Pieris rapae
Let me take a wedding picture for you two…

What a romantic moment…  This picture was taken in Hinode Park of Furano in Hokkaido. This park is a famous place for taking wedding pictures for brides and bridegrooms.

Romantic Love Story

It’s the season for Yellow Coster to ensure their lives can be continued from generation to generation…  What a romantic mission!


To find more photos of Yellow Coster, please visit  Life Cycle of Yellow Coster.

Romantic Double…

Love to capture the romantic moment of these birds…  It takes two hands to clap and it takes double to share love, isn’t it?

Insects connect as well…

Basic but romantic… 🙂

Beetles connect    DSC_7956

What a Double!

We got excited when you can take a photo of a beautiful butterfly…  This picture was taken in Taiwan earlier this year.   I got two tiny Leptotes plinius linking together romantically. I got double… Yeah!角紋小灰蝶交尾1


Our cats connect in a romantic way… 🙂

Love you darling...
Love you darling…