Eclipse of the Moon

月蝕 2
Moon Eclipse April 4, 2015

A total eclipse of the moon happened last Saturday, April 4, in Hong Kong… Unfortunately, it was cloudy at the beginning and then I was a bit late to start shooting it.  The outcome is not too good.  Well, it’s my first time, but it might be my last given the next one is predicted to happen in 2032…:)

A Thank You Note to the Team

Thank you for keeping me busy everyday trying to keep up with the challenge…  It helps.

This is just to wrap up what I did in the past month…  Hope you like it!

Triumph of the Day

Juvenile yellow-eyed penguin is so excited to find his parents are coming back with food of the day…

Triumph of the day

Romantic Double…

Love to capture the romantic moment of these birds…  It takes two hands to clap and it takes double to share love, isn’t it?

Edge & Alignment

One of the best example in alignment can be found in the traditional Chinese temple… This temple was built more than 100 years ago in Macau.  Gold and red are the colors for good luck and happiness.  The two soldiers on the door were here to guide the temple.  The four characters on the top is the name of the temple.  The two rhyming couplets shared the greatness and importance of the temple in this area.



Window – witness of changes

This round wooden window frame has been here for almost 100 years to be the witness of the changes in Hong Kong…

Busy traffic outside


My Pearl…

We have three cats in our house and Felix is our only girl…  Isn’t she pretty?

Picture 088
Felix our pearl…



A beautiful ride from Tekapo to Mount Cook, New Zealand…  

Scale & Observation

This little larva is enjoying its leaf…  It’s not easy to be found with the green jacket God provided!

Critical Moment

A mother gull is protecting her chick when somebody trying to catch this baby gull…  

Don’t touch my baby…