Cat Lover

This new page is dedicated for our cat Dicky who left us almost two and half years ago…

Tomorrow is his 20th birthday.

Dicky, we love you…  Wish you have a very happy birthday no matter where you are…:)


Would like to share some of Dicky’s pictures taken in Toronto before 1997…

We moved back to Hong Kong during summer 1997…  Dicky had no choice but to move together with us…

Dicky’s last two years with us in the new place for my retirement……n-our-new-home/

2 thoughts on “Cat Lover

  1. Happy birthday, Dicky! Hope you are happy where you are 🙂
    We are happy owners of two wonderful kittens, but our dear old bitch is very ill – she was diagnosed with bone cancer and the only thing to do is to give her pain killers and see she doesn’t suffer too much.
    How deep animals get into our hearts and how hard it is when we have to tell them “good bye”…

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