Color your World: Cadet Blue

View from the plane vs view from the land… Which one do you like?

Color your World: Burnt Sienna

Only God can paint this gorgeous picture… Right?

Color your World: Brick Red

Brick red, close enough… isn’t it?

Color your World: Blue Violet

What a love story… aren’t they pretty?

Color your World: Blue Green

Don’t know it’s blue or green… But these creatures are dancing beautifully under the sea, aren’t they?

Color your World: Bittersweet

Color your World: Atomic Tangerine

Autumn leaves in Korea… Are they pretty?

Color your World: Asparagus

Don’t have time to go to market for asparagus… Hope these two are close enough! One taken in China and the other one in New Zealand.

Hope you like them… 🙂

Color your World: Aquamarine

World Trade Center

World Trade Center Site (November 2003) 二十年前的今日,我在北京工作,晚飯後丈夫在港打電話給我,告訴我有飛機撞進世貿中心,我第一反應以為是香港的那一座,他叫我馬上開電視… 目睹第二架飛機正撞向第二座大樓… 全世界都口目心呆… 😱 之後的事,大家都知道,美國…

World Trade Center