This photo was taken on the lake side last month…   This lake is 4441 meters above sea level, one of the three most famous holy lakes in Tibet.

Yamdrok Lake

Tibet – the highland in China

Longing to visit Tibet for the past 20 years and I finally got a chance to be there in April…

My original target was only the Potala Palace in Lhasa given that it’s the most famous place in Tibet.  Surprisingly, I’ve found there are a lot of natural beauties around areas like Linzhi: the blossom of peach trees, the thousand years glacier, the snow mountains, the lakes, just to name a few.

The Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, the religious centre of Tibet is a must go for us to understand how Tibetan worship their gods!


Last but not the least, we visited the Potala Palace, the centre of power in Tibet…  There are too many things we can learn from this palace, it’s history, it’s art, it’s culture, it’s precious collections, it’s religious background, it’s architecture…

You can only be there to taste it… 🙂


Mi Dui Glacier in Tibet…

從沒想過到西藏可以欣賞冰川… 這米堆冰川,湖面海拔3800米,主峰海拔6385米,主要是由兩條700米至800米的世界級冰瀑布匯流而成。要欣賞這冰川,我們要在高原行走一個多小時的彎曲高低石徑,才能到達湖面,這是我們西藏行最辛苦的一段…

via 西藏: 米堆冰川 — 夢… 想… 行…


A flash from God gives us lives and energy… doesn’t it?

Garden of peaches in Tibet


One of the whitest things in the natural world is snow…

This photo was taken few days ago in one of the valleys (5013 meters above sea level) in Tibet.  We all wore heavy clothes and couldn’t even breath.  However, these sparrows were enjoying themselves among the snow…  It’s amazing!white with sparrows


Dancing fireflies in the evening…  Isn’t it exciting?

螢火虫 (1)


This woman opened the door and greeted me in Bhaktapur City, an ancient Nepal city built in 800 A.D.  I’m sure she is younger than the city… 🙂



Orange is easy to find everyday…  It’s one of my favorite fruits as well.

I’m not the only one,  these butterflies in Peru love oranges too…



These two dragonflies were enjoying the afternoon in Bosque de Shollet, Peru…

Why not?  Life is short, isn’t it?



For Chinese and many Asian people, dragon symbolizes the king of the country… And it also means healthy, strong and powerful.  So it’s great to start the new year and wish everyone of you a prosperous and happy 2017!

The photo was taken in the palace of Seoul few years ago.  Hope you like it!