One Word Photo Challenge: Sheep

In Xinjiang, shepherds drive their herd from one place to another for food…

Enjoying their food

One Word Photo Challenge: Seal

Not sure if they are seals or sea lions…  But they are lovely!  How sweet… 🙂

We found them in the paradise of Galapagos…

Sea Lions

One Word Photo Challenge: Positive

Every time when I watch the sun rising up the sky, I feel positive!

I know God is giving us another great day… 🙂

Sunrise in Cambodia

One Word Photo Challenge: Pool

Reflection of Potala Palace in its backyard pool during the evening in Tibet…


One Word Photo Challenge: Pillow

This is the pillow I knitted for my darling girl Felix… Don’t you like it?

Felix my girl

One Word Photo Challenge: Phone

I forgot how to use this phone…  Can anybody help?


One Word Photo Challenge: Penguin

Penguin is always lovely…  I took this one in Galapagos two years ago.  Isn’t it a darling?

Galapagos Penguin 2

Weekly Weather: Spring

Flowers blooming in my backyard during spring time…  No wonder butterflies, bees, and birds are dancing all day long, feeling excited!



The last time I found a pelican was two years ago in Galapagos…  It was a Brown Pelican.

Brown Pelican


Find these pastries in the shop yesterday…   Look tasty, don’t they?