About Me

I’m a Chinese living in Hong Kong. I studied in Texas, lived in Toronto for some years, assigned to Beijing for 3 years… I worked in IBM for almost 28 years and now I retired. I love nature and I like to travel.  I love drawing, painting, Chinese calligraphy, and now I’m learning how to take good photos.

New technology helps us to share, to communicate, and to learn from people all over the world.  This is the reason why I started to blog!  I would like to share my work, including my drawing/paintings/photos and experience to other bloggers who share the same interest…

This northern light was captured earlier this year in Norway… Though not perfect, yet its a stunning moment to share, isn’t it?

Northern light...
Dancing light in Norway

By the way, I have two blogs…  One in English and the other one mainly in Chinese.  Would love to meet you folks on either one of them or both…:)


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I enjoyed this photo of the lights – it’s a gentle reminder of an unrealized trip plan. I now live in Finland but haven’t yet had an opportunity to see the lights myself. Hopefully this winter season there will be some time to do so. I also lived in China for a couple years, but never went to Beijing. Sometimes there are other priorities 🙂

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