Color your World: Green Yellow

Don’t know the name of this plant… but it’s cute!

Color your World: Green

Am I green enough to survive in this world? Hi from Ecuador!

Color your World: Gray

A chapel taken in New Zealand… The grayish stones make the blue sky very bright and warm!

Color your world – Granny Smith Apple

First time I heard about this colour… Is this close enough!

Color your World: Gold

The golden moment…

Color your World: Fuschia

This was two years ago in our backyard… Unfortunately, these flowers were destroyed by very strong wind last year. Glad that I took this picture for memory… 🙂

Color your World: Fern

Not sure what this plant is… but I like it’s ferny color!

How about you?

Color Your World: Electric Lime

First time I captured hummingbird in Ecuador… It’s beautiful feather… Isn’t it amazing?

Color Your World: Desert Sand

Depending on which part of the day or the weather, sand have different color and feel… Which one do you like most?

Color Your World: Denim

Felix the girl with her jacket!

It’s getting cold now… You like my denim jacket?