Color your World – Antique Brass

This antique phone found in Taiwan reminds me the good old days… I love the two brass bells on top!


Birds met in South West Australia

You don’t need to go for a bird watching tour to find beautiful birds around the southwest corner of Australia… They live together with us!

Southwest Forest Giants in Australia

There are many tall trees found in the Southwest Australia…

The tallest is the Karri tree which can grow up to 80 metres high.

Karri tree forest

Tingles are the ancient survivors of wetter times, now confined to high rainfall areas near Walpole on the south coast of Western Australia.

Grandma tingle – estimated to be over 400 years old

Pretty beaches in SW Australia

Busselton Jetty
Scarborough Beach
Greens Pool
Mouth of Margaret River
Middleton Beach

Hong Kong Flower Show 2019

Theme Flower

This year the theme flower is Chinese Hibiscus… Just to show you a few, aren’t they pretty?

2019 – The Year of Pig

My collection of Pigs

Finally we can say goodbye to 2018, a year of challenge, surprise, frustration, sadness, ups and downs not just myself, but Hong Kong and all over the world… Thank Lord that He led us through!

2019 will be the year of Pig… I love pigs a lot. They are lovely, fatty, smart, love to eat and don’t have to work too hard. That’s why I called myself PIG when I was young.

I know it will be another year of challenge given the world situation… Pray Lord for leading us thru again… Amen.

Wish all of you have a very happy 2019…

Red Leaves – Sweet Gum

When we think about Autumn leaves, we usually think about Maples… However, in Hong Kong, our red leaves are not Maples. They are Sweet Gum. They are different types of trees.

Sweet Gum in Tai Tong is a native deciduous tree of outstanding, graceful shape, up to 30 metres tall. The foliage colour changes with seasons – from bright green in spring and summer to yellow to bright red and anything in between in autumn and winter. Sweet Gum flowers from March to June. The woody, mace-like fruits can be seen on the branches when they become ripe in winter.

One Word Photo Challenge: Sheep

In Xinjiang, shepherds drive their herd from one place to another for food…


Enjoying their food

One Word Photo Challenge: Selfie

Not very good in selfie…   But I like this one!

Trying to have a selfie with my darling cat FaFa…

Hope you like it too…  🙂


One Word Photo Challenge: Seal

Not sure if they are seals or sea lions…  But they are lovely!  How sweet… 🙂

We found them in the paradise of Galapagos…

Sea Lions