Color your World: Pink Sherbet

Aren’t they romantic? Hope you like them!

Color your World: Pine Green

Pine green reminds me the Christmas tree…

Wishing you all have a great Christmas in 2020… A bit early, but be safe, healthy and happy. God bless!

Color your World: Piggy Pink

Hi… Welcome to our village!

Met this darling piggy last year when I visited a village in Madagascar…

Isn’t he lovely?

Color your World: Pacific Blue

It’s blue… but this is not Pacific Ocean… 🙂

Anyway, hope you like it!

Color your World: Outrageous Orange

Looking forward to Autumn time…

No more COVID-19, no more social distancing…

And the world can get back to normal…

God bless… Amen!

Color your World: Orchid

Orchid in our backyard

There are so many different types of orchid in the world, but the best one is the one which has been growing with us in the past years… 🙂

Color your World: Orange

The best way to show you orange color is to give you the oranges… right?

Hope you like this… 🙂

Color your World: Neon Carrot & Olive Green

Nature world has all colors you can find… Do you like my choice of neon carrot and olive green?

Color Your World: Navy Blue

Do you like my jacket? Mom told me navy blue fit me well. Don’t you think so?

Color your World: Mountain Meadow

Might be a little more green but I like it… How about you?