Color your World: Tropical Rain Forest

Early morning after rain in Japan… Hope you like it!

Color your World: Timberwolf

I cannot catch a timber wolf. I hope this gull’s chick can help to demonstrate the color…

Isn’t it cute?

Color your World: Tickle Me Pink

Color your World: Tan

A sketch I drew almost 30 years ago in Toronto… It’s Henry Moore’s sculpture.

What a memory!

Color your World: Sunset Orange

Sunset in my hometown… Like this sunset orange?

Color your World: Sunglow

Color your World: Spring Green

Spring is here… Just enjoy it!

Color your World: Sky Blue

It’s always excited to see blue sky in particular during this COVID-19 period… Stay safe, stay healthy, God bless you all!

Color your World: Silver

These silver head ornaments are pretty, aren’t they?

Color your World: Shocking Pink

This is the best season for shocking Pink… In March, we have shocking flowers everywhere!

Enjoy… 🙂