Color your World: Fern

Delicate filmy fern taken in New Zealand…

Color your World: Asparagus

Don’t have time to go to market for asparagus… Hope these two are close enough! One taken in China and the other one in New Zealand.

Hope you like them… 🙂

Color your World: Violet

Lavender… the violet beauty!

Color your World: Turquoise Blue

The turquoise blue from the ocean give us a peace feeling… May God bless the world in particular to all countries suffering from this COVID-19. Amen!

Color your World: Sky Blue

It’s always excited to see blue sky in particular during this COVID-19 period… Stay safe, stay healthy, God bless you all!

Color your World: Gray

A chapel taken in New Zealand… The grayish stones make the blue sky very bright and warm!

One Word Photo Challenge: Chicken

When I first read this challenge, I assume its the babies of hen and cock…

However, I think it will be a difference to share some of the babies from other type of birds… They were taken in New Zealand.  Hope you like them too.

Gull chick
Gull’s chick

Stewart Island weka


A beautiful ride from Tekapo to Mount Cook, New Zealand…  


Simple is beauty…  This small church in Tekapo, New Zealand blended together with the total environment in and out!  It’s the heart of the town…

Reflection of outside on the wIndow

Beautiful view of Lake Tekapo thru the window inside the church


Is always the best time of the day…  I feel excited every time when I see the first beam of the light from the east no matter where I am…

God’s creation is just amazing!