We have terrible weather in Hong Kong, heavy rain and thunderstorm all day long…

Poor Milky has to hideout under the curtain!





I drink latte every morning…  I kiss Latte every day…

Latte is the drink I like most…  And Latte is one of my darling cats… 🙂

One Word Photo Challenge: Computer

Worked in IBM for almost 28 years, I cannot survive without computer…:)

This is a photo that I took when I worked in my home office nine years ago.  My cat Dicky tried to help me finishing the email…:P

By the way, Dicky left us already.  But we miss him, love you Dicky!

Dicky at Work


Say goodbye to our good old friend…

It doesn’t move…  What’s happening?

Our cats, in particular Latte and Felix, love to watch our fishes every day.  I don’t know if they communicate, but they do know each other well for the past two years.

Well, life is tough…  Somehow some day you have to say goodbye… 😦

Latte doesn’t know what to do…
Felix kisses her goodbye…
Milky comes and says bye as well… 😦

My Pearl…

We have three cats in our house and Felix is our only girl…  Isn’t she pretty?

Picture 088
Felix our pearl…




Talking about mystery, can you read what Milky’s mind thru his round black eyes?

Perfect circle
What did you see, Milky?



Merry Christmas…

Wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year…

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We Wish You a Merry Christmas !!!

Dicky’s new life from Toronto to Hong Kong…

We decided to move back to Hong Kong in 1997…  Dicky had no choice but to be back together with us.  Poor Dicky had to change his life style from a house to a 800 square feet apartment in a high rise.  He spent 13 years in this small apartment together with us. Luckily, all our maids love Dicky very much that they treated him as their babies…:)


Dicky’s good old days in Toronto…

Today is Dicky’s 20th birthday…  Would like to share some of his pictures in Toronto!


What a beautiful world out there…

Sun rises every morning from the mountain, birds sing to wake people up, butterflies and bees start working on the flowers, our cat Felix loves to watch all these happening thru the window…  She admires all God’s creation with curious eyes…  How can all these happen?  What a wonderful world!

DSC_5964 a DSC_5966 a