Color your World: Timberwolf

I cannot catch a timber wolf. I hope this gull’s chick can help to demonstrate the color…

Isn’t it cute?

Color Your World: Electric Lime

First time I captured hummingbird in Ecuador… It’s beautiful feather… Isn’t it amazing?


I met this pretty bird last May in San Jorge Eco-lodge in Tandayapa, Ecuador, first time in my life…

Thanks Luis Alcivar for teaching me how to shoot them.  What a memory!

Green-crowned brilliant


Home Sweet Home

I was about to leave the hotel last Friday, I discovered this beautiful moment…

The bird mother was feeding her babies in their nest.  Isn’t it sweet?

bird family 2


I met different types of herons in Galapagos last May…  They are so different!

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

L1290022 Yellow-crowned Night-heron
Yellow-crowned Night-heron

L1300169 Straited Heron
Striated Heron


One of the whitest things in the natural world is snow…

This photo was taken few days ago in one of the valleys (5013 meters above sea level) in Tibet.  We all wore heavy clothes and couldn’t even breath.  However, these sparrows were enjoying themselves among the snow…  It’s amazing!white with sparrows


OMG…  Let’s go!





Human being is supposed to be the cleverest creature God created. Might be we are so clever, we are destroying the world faster than we expect…

I took this picture yesterday on a beach in Hong Kong.  The poor birds are digging out food for their breakfast.   dirt

This common magpie is lucky…  It got a worm!  dirt-2

Well, I wish we can be more discipline so that the earth can be more healthy, more balance and everybody, not just human being, can live happily together…  Amen!


This week’s challenge is crane…  The only time I had close contact with crane was last year in Hokkaido.  We went to a red-crowned crane farm.  Unfortunately it’s not winter time and I didn’t have a chance to watch them dancing…

You go your way and I go mine… 🙂

Red-crowned crane together with it’s chick…


One Word Photo Challenge: Chicken

When I first read this challenge, I assume its the babies of hen and cock…

However, I think it will be a difference to share some of the babies from other type of birds… They were taken in New Zealand.  Hope you like them too.

Gull chick
Gull’s chick

Stewart Island weka