It’s red hot…  The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or China Rose flower is here to attract the attention of bees and other insects!  And it attracts me as well… 🙂

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or China Rose


Lavender is always attractive, not just the color, but also it’s fragrance…  Isn’t it?



Orchids in our backyard…


Shocking Pink

Pink usually is soft and romantic…  Shocking pink must be eye-catching…  This is my pick. Don’t know if it’s shocking enough!


Vivid Violet

With the yellow flowers as background, these violet flowers are getting more vivid… Aren’t they?

Vivid violet

Royal Purple

These Morning Glory flowers look royal to me… 🙂


Purple Heart

No matter what color these flowers are, the small Cabbage White enjoys their taste…:)Small Cabbage White

One Word Photo Challenge: Color

The first thing came out from my mind for this challenge is the flowers…  God painted the world with colorful flowers.

This photo was taken in Farm Tomita in Hokkaido, Japan last year.  Hope you like it…:)




Went to Nara area in Japan with friends last few days…  Though it’s still a bit early according to the experts,  we were drown by the cherry blossom.


Three hundreds year old cherry tree…
A closer look…

Hong Kong Flower Show

Flower Show is an annual event in Hong Kong…  It’s a popular one, not only for photographers, but students, artists, tourists, and whoever love flowers…

This year the theme flower is Antirrhinum majus…

Colourful antirrhinum majus

However, there are so many different types of flowers that I don’t even have time to dig into their names. Just share some of them to you, from red to purple…  Hope you enjoy!

Of course, tulips are the most popular one, in particular for photographers…:)