Weekly Weather: Spring

Flowers blooming in my backyard during spring time…  No wonder butterflies, bees, and birds are dancing all day long, feeling excited!



Carnation Pink

Don’t know what is carnation pink color but this one looks nice…  Hope this one is close enough… 🙂



We can find orange color easily in our mother nature…

Wake up early in the morning to enjoy sunrise if the weather is good.

Autumn leaves, common flowers and even butterflies…  Enjoy!

Unmellow Yellow

Don’t know if this matches with the colour unmellow yellow…  But I like this little flowers.  I took this in the Hong Kong Flower Show last week.  I don’t know it’s name though.  If anybody knows what it is, do let me know.  Thanks.

Hope you like it too!



Nobody can create nature, only God can…  That’s one of the reasons why I pick up the camera and go shooting!

These are some photos I picked from my album…  Can you figure out where I took?

Hope you like them… 🙂

Red Orange

We bought this few years ago and it always gives us pretty red orange flowers…

What a blessing!26992017_10213330246385201_8509706232082411165_n


It’s red hot…  The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or China Rose flower is here to attract the attention of bees and other insects!  And it attracts me as well… 🙂

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or China Rose


Lavender is always attractive, not just the color, but also it’s fragrance…  Isn’t it?



Orchids in our backyard…


Shocking Pink

Pink usually is soft and romantic…  Shocking pink must be eye-catching…  This is my pick. Don’t know if it’s shocking enough!