Color your World: Green

Kiritappu Wetland

Wish we could visit this peaceful wetland in Japan soon…

Color your World: Cotton Candy


Aren’t they pretty?

Color your World: Carnation Pink

What a romantic view… Aren’t they pretty?

Color your World: Blue Violet

What a love story… aren’t they pretty?

Color your World: Violet Red

After the rain somewhere in Japan… Isn’t it pretty?

Color your World: Tropical Rain Forest

Early morning after rain in Japan… Hope you like it!

Color your World: Purple Mountains’ Majesty

Love this tiny flowers took in Japan years ago… Aren’t they pretty?


Digital becomes a way of life nowadays…  People might not understand how it works, but we are using it everyday, from watches to appliances, from rockets to cars, from cameras to calculators…

The first digital system was invented by Chinese around 3000 B.C.  It’s the abacus.  It has been used until recently in most of the Asian countries like China and Japan.


My father used to be an accountant and he could use this abacus professionally even faster than a normal calculator.

Well, in this digital era, this little system becomes more like a culture or an art rather than a scientific instrument.

Don’t you agree with me?








This narrow wooden track brought us to the great view of plantation in Kiritappu wetland in Hokkaido, Japan.

Kiritappu wetland color

Good Night Osaka…

Last night in Osaka was very relax…  Getting ready to go home yet I enjoyed very much in this country.  The people are mostly friendly…  Everything is so neat and discipline. Comparing to my own country, I feel a bit ashamed…  Sorry, but it’s from the bottom of my heart…:)

Good night Osaka…  Will visit you again!