We can find orange color easily in our mother nature…

Wake up early in the morning to enjoy sunrise if the weather is good.

Autumn leaves, common flowers and even butterflies…  Enjoy!


Yellow Orange

Don’t know whether these butterflies were attracted by the color of the oranges or their taste…  🙂l1310457-cissia-penelope


I started to appreciate more on God’s creation since I learned photo-shooting butterflies…

The Yellow Costers (Acraea issoria) have whole lifespan only by days from eggs to caterpillars to cocoons to butterflies.  However, they are beautiful…

We don’t have to live long…  We need to enjoy our lives God planned for us!  Shouldn’t we?



We had a wet morning today.  But we found butterflies did enjoy water drops after the rain…

Three-spot Grass Yellow 檗黃粉蝶

Purple Heart

No matter what color these flowers are, the small Cabbage White enjoys their taste…:)Small Cabbage White


I will share with you this butterfly named Yellow Coster from Hong Kong, it was coming out from its cocoon.  Yellow Coster has a very short life span and every minute thru it’s life is valuable.

Hope you like it…




How do you like this Angled Castor sitting on a dry leaf?  Does it match with today’s color?



One Word Photo Challenge: Contrast

Contrast can be big and small, black and white, old and new…  Today I’ll choose green and red.

This little Emesis mandana attracted me because of its red colour in the greens during my trip in Peru.

Hope you like it…:)l1340364-emesis-mandana