I was in Taichung last week…  We passed by a very famous shop.  It’s used to be the Taichung Health Centre in the past.  But now it’s re-designed into a shopping centre and restaurant.  However, it kept the original frame outside to let people remember it’s past and it’s original design.


“Black” makes me think about the ink of Chinese painting and calligraphy that I love…

These are two that I did years ago.  Hope you like them!

Walking on the Moon
Walking on the Moon
Chinese character:  Crazy


Do you still remember this Sony MD Walkman?  It’s life span was very short and it was replaced by Apple iPod…:(


Technology drives us crazy and we just cannot stop moving forward, can we?




This is a drawing I did almost a quarter of a century ago when I studied in Ontario College of Art in Toronto…  Time flies, doesn’t it?



This was a photo I took in one of my earlier photography class…  This yellow duck reminds me the toy I used to play in my childhood.

Do you folks have the same type of memory?




I love pig a lot ever since I was a little girl…  I gave myself a nickname “PIG” when I was in primary school.  The reasons were simple…  I was a fatty girl; I love to eat (even today); I was lazy and didn’t want to study; and I liked to sleep!

Most of my dolls are related to pigs…  And even today, in my retirement age, I have my little pigs’ corner.  Are these pigs lovely?  Hope you like them too…:)




Digital becomes a way of life nowadays…  People might not understand how it works, but we are using it everyday, from watches to appliances, from rockets to cars, from cameras to calculators…

The first digital system was invented by Chinese around 3000 B.C.  It’s the abacus.  It has been used until recently in most of the Asian countries like China and Japan.


My father used to be an accountant and he could use this abacus professionally even faster than a normal calculator.

Well, in this digital era, this little system becomes more like a culture or an art rather than a scientific instrument.

Don’t you agree with me?








Thanks for this challenge…  It reminds me that I have not written diary for a long long time. I dig into my drawer and find this diary that I started writing in 1987, 29 years ago!

I read thru what I wrote and it’s amazing that time passed so fast and what I’ve gone thru these years…  There were smiles, tears, pain, happiness, ups, and downs…  Thank Lord that He never leave me alone and He’s always there with me when I face difficulties… Amen!

Well, with the technology today, we write blog…  I don’t have time to write diary anymore, do I?  Not only I record, but I can share…  Why not? Right?



One Word Photo Challenge: Computer

Worked in IBM for almost 28 years, I cannot survive without computer…:)

This is a photo that I took when I worked in my home office nine years ago.  My cat Dicky tried to help me finishing the email…:P

By the way, Dicky left us already.  But we miss him, love you Dicky!

Dicky at Work

One Word Photo Challenge: Color

The first thing came out from my mind for this challenge is the flowers…  God painted the world with colorful flowers.

This photo was taken in Farm Tomita in Hokkaido, Japan last year.  Hope you like it…:)