Color your World: Burnt Sienna

Only God can paint this gorgeous picture… Right?

Color your World: Blue Green

Don’t know it’s blue or green… But these creatures are dancing beautifully under the sea, aren’t they?

Color your World: Bittersweet

Color your World: Atomic Tangerine

Autumn leaves in Korea… Are they pretty?

Color your World: Aquamarine

World Trade Center

World Trade Center Site (November 2003) 二十年前的今日,我在北京工作,晚飯後丈夫在港打電話給我,告訴我有飛機撞進世貿中心,我第一反應以為是香港的那一座,他叫我馬上開電視… 目睹第二架飛機正撞向第二座大樓… 全世界都口目心呆… 😱 之後的事,大家都知道,美國…

World Trade Center

Color your World: Wild Blue Yonder

Sailing into the wild blue yonder… from Russia with love!

Color your World: Vivid Tangerine

Sunrise in Xiapu

What a peaceful morning… Thank Lord for giving us a beautiful sunrise!

Color your World: Violet Red

After the rain somewhere in Japan… Isn’t it pretty?

Color your World: Tan

A sketch I drew almost 30 years ago in Toronto… It’s Henry Moore’s sculpture.

What a memory!