I was in Taichung last week…  We passed by a very famous shop.  It’s used to be the Taichung Health Centre in the past.  But now it’s re-designed into a shopping centre and restaurant.  However, it kept the original frame outside to let people remember it’s past and it’s original design.


Dancing fireflies in the evening…  Isn’t it exciting?

螢火虫 (1)


Living in a city like Hong Kong for so many years, I’ve never had a chance to meet with fireflies…

Last week, we went to Taichung and this was my first time…  It’s just amusing!

Hope you like them too… 🙂

螢火虫 (1)

What a Double!

We got excited when you can take a photo of a beautiful butterfly…  This picture was taken in Taiwan earlier this year.   I got two tiny Leptotes plinius linking together romantically. I got double… Yeah!角紋小灰蝶交尾1


To me is to enjoy God’s creation…  This photo was taken by our friend in Taiwan in August this year.  We went up to the mountain to capture the sun rising from the other side of the mountain.  It was just spectacular!

Waiting for the sun to rise in Taiwan

This trip was mainly for chasing different types of butterflies in Taiwan.  Of course we would not miss any opportunity to enjoy the nature.  For more information about this Taiwan trip, do visit my blog: