Can be as calm as mirror…



Can be as rough as saw and sand paper that cut the rocks and smooth them into round balls…

Koekohe Beach 1
Round stones carved by ocean wave


Can be as shine as stars…

Shining Star in the morning
Shining stars in the morning


God made water in the second day and it’s a must for all living nature!


Introducing My Family

I’ve moved to this home four years ago with my husband and our cat Dicky…  Two years ago Dicky left us at 17+ years of age.  Just a few months before Dicky left, we’ve found a street cat with two babies playing around our place.  This is where our family grow…

FaFa and Wonkie with Mom
FaFa and Wonkie with Mom

After two years, this cat family grew up to 25 members…  Some passed away, some got adopted. And now we have three of them in our house, four of them preferred to stay on the street but come back for food, water, toilet, and place to rest.

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Everyone needs water to survive…  Water has different forms that give us different feeling. Icy water keeps us cool.  Heavy rain storm sometimes hurts.  Morning mist keeps the nature fresh.  River helps to irrigate the fields…

Would like to share with you a photo I took in China during summer.  Its early in the morning.  Due to the temperature difference, the fog stays on the service of the river.  Its calm and peaceful…  Isn’t it?