Swarm – From North to South

Every year during winter, seagulls will fly from north to warmer cities in China…  During February this year, I had a chance to visit Kunming.  In a park, I found thousands of seagulls enjoying the warm sun together with the people and visitors in the city…:)

Visitors in this Kunming park love to feed these seagulls…  My worry is after this winter trip, they might not be able to survive given that nobody is going to feed them in the north…:(

Milky, what are you thinking about?

Milky, one of our cats, used to be a very friendly cat.  He was our ambassador every time when we had visitors.  However, we decided to let him be the first cat to do the birth control operation last year, the character of Milky changed 100%.  He becomes shy, hates to meet new comers, and loves to be alone…  Everyday he watches birds, butterflies, moving trees thru the window…  His eyes are full of doubt and uncertainty…  Don’t worry Milky, we love you always… 🙂

What are you thinking about?
What are you thinking about?

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