Anniversary of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong

A year ago today people in Hong Kong was shocked by the Hong Kong Police…  They used 87 tear bombs to stop people, mostly students, to fight for democracy!  Without any weapon, people could only use their umbrellas to protect themselves.  This is known as the “Umbrella Movement”.


Today, even the movement cannot achieve their original goals, I don’t think people in Hong Kong should give up…  The democracy road is rough, yet it is the right direction.  Go for it, Hong Kong!

Umbrella man sculpture
Umbrella man sculpture
Keep going… Never give up!

A New Year Wish…

Time flies and 2014 is now history…  Though retired, my 2014 was really busy in travelling, working in church, taking care of our cats, and learning a lot of new stuffs…  I enjoyed very much.  However, we did have a lot of issues in many parts of the world.  In Hong Kong, we had the Umbrella Movement driving for true democracy last September. And today marks the 100th day since the day 87 tear bombs shot at unarmed people mostly students.

Marching 2015, I wish everybody happier and healthier;  the world could be more peaceful and colourful like the sunrise this morning…

Morning Jan 6
Good Morning…

End of a Chapter… Ready for the Next?

After 75 days occupying the areas around the Government office, the Hong Kong police finally had the guts to tidy up the situation yesterday… Around 200 people were arrested. Everything was done peacefully.  This so-called Umbrella Movement has finished it’s first chapter.  However, the spirit of driving true democracy is spreading strongly among people in Hong Kong in particular the young ones.  They have to fight for their future…  Getting ready for the next chapter!


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Small but Strong… Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong

Small but strong
Small but Strong

This picture was taken on the flyover in Central district near the Government Office in Hong Kong…  As of today, the area has been occupied by people, mostly students in Hong Kong for 58 days.  In the first day of the occupation, our Hong Kong Police used 87 tear bombs to stop this happening.  The people had no preparation for this attack and the only things they had on hand were umbrellas.  They used umbrellas to protect themselves and stopped the police.  That’s why it’s known as the Umbrella Movement. The main goal is to ask for true democracy so that people in Hong Kong can have the right to vote for their leaders.

Somebody put this cactus on the flyover…   The paper yellow umbrella symbolizes the movement…  The thorn of the cactus and the pavement of flyover tell us that this movement is not easy and it will have a long long way to go…

However, I treasure this moment because I see hope in Hong Kong…  The students are our future and I support and respect their spirit to voice out their thoughts, their needs, their wills for true democracy!

Go for it…  Never give up…  You are small but you are definitely STRONG!!!





Lion Rock: The Spirit of Hong Kong People

Hong Kong is now known as one of the financial centers in the world…  However, during the 60’s and 70’s, when people in Hong Kong were just recovered from the World War II and the Chinese Revolution, people worked very hard days and nights to survive, to climb up step by step from below the line to middle classes, to equip for opportunities…

Lion Rock is a mountain in Northern Kowloon, right before we head up to the New Territories.  There was a famous pop song “Under the Lion Rock” which described how people in Hong Kong struggled and succeeded in those good old days. Since then, the Lion Rock becomes the symbol of the Spirit of Hong Kong people.

Lion Rock - Symbol for the Spirit of Hong Kong people during 70's
Lion Rock – Symbol for the Spirit of Hong Kong people during 70’s

This photo was taken on late October.  There was a banner stating the requirement of the Umbrella Movement.  This banner was removed by the government within 24 hours.  What is this Umbrella Movement?  This is a long story, but to cut it short, its driven by Hong Kong students to fight for true democracy…  The movement is still on…