Bliss to me…

Again is to enjoy God’s creation… That’s one of the reasons I love to travel!

These are some of the beautiful plants God created I took in Ulva Island, New Zealand earlier in January…  Hope you can feel them and enjoy…:)


What a family…

When I visited Ulva Island in New Zealand, I met a lovely family…  It’s the Stewart Island weka family.  They lived in the Boulder Beach of Ulva Island.  I walked on the beach and found the daddy running around and looking for food. The mom was together with the kids teaching them how to look for food on the ground.  When they saw me, they ran away.

Digging food
Weka mom digging for food…


The next morning, I went there again.  They were much friendly.  The daddy taught the kids how to look for food on the beach.  The kids and the parents were enjoying life in this beauty nature!

How lucky you are…  God bless you!

Boulder Beach
Boulder Beach