A New Year Wish…

Time flies and 2014 is now history…  Though retired, my 2014 was really busy in travelling, working in church, taking care of our cats, and learning a lot of new stuffs…  I enjoyed very much.  However, we did have a lot of issues in many parts of the world.  In Hong Kong, we had the Umbrella Movement driving for true democracy last September. And today marks the 100th day since the day 87 tear bombs shot at unarmed people mostly students.

Marching 2015, I wish everybody happier and healthier;  the world could be more peaceful and colourful like the sunrise this morning…

Morning Jan 6
Good Morning…

End of a Chapter… Ready for the Next?

After 75 days occupying the areas around the Government office, the Hong Kong police finally had the guts to tidy up the situation yesterday… Around 200 people were arrested. Everything was done peacefully.  This so-called Umbrella Movement has finished it’s first chapter.  However, the spirit of driving true democracy is spreading strongly among people in Hong Kong in particular the young ones.  They have to fight for their future…  Getting ready for the next chapter!


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