Color your World: Tan

A sketch I drew almost 30 years ago in Toronto… It’s Henry Moore’s sculpture.

What a memory!


This is a drawing I did almost a quarter of a century ago when I studied in Ontario College of Art in Toronto…  Time flies, doesn’t it?


Dicky’s new life from Toronto to Hong Kong…

We decided to move back to Hong Kong in 1997…  Dicky had no choice but to be back together with us.  Poor Dicky had to change his life style from a house to a 800 square feet apartment in a high rise.  He spent 13 years in this small apartment together with us. Luckily, all our maids love Dicky very much that they treated him as their babies…:)

Dicky’s good old days in Toronto…

Today is Dicky’s 20th birthday…  Would like to share some of his pictures in Toronto!