Color your World: Cadet Blue

View from the plane vs view from the land… Which one do you like?

One Word Photo Challenge: Cityscape

No matter it’s far north from Tromso, Norway or Sydney in Southern Hemisphere, the cityscape at night is always more exciting than we find in the daytime…  And you can feel the city running in Osaka even though it’s almost midnight…:)

Which one do you like most?

Roses in Hong Kong

Last October when I visited the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, I found different types of roses there… They were beautiful!

Surprisingly, I could find a rose garden in Hong Kong as well.  Not as big as the one in Sydney, yet they also have different varieties. Given the weather was still cold when I visited, there were not many flowers.

I captured some of them, just for sharing…  Hope you like it!


Pretty plant found in the area I stayed around Sydney…

They are small but pretty…

Even the bees love to stay around them…

Onion flowers

Staying in Sydney for 10 days…

Have been in Sydney for more than 10 times in the past, mostly for business.  This is the first time we stayed in Sydney for visiting friends and relatives, attending wedding ceremony and staying here for more than three days with no busy meetings.

My perception on Sydney has totally changed…  I found it a beautiful city.  Not just the view, the weather, but L1150093also it’s varieties, it’s multi-culture…  In particular the food, other than Chinese food, we found Vietnamese, Korean, Mexican and of course Western style…  I love the city!

I will be back soon…