Color your World: Vivid Tangerine

Sunrise in Xiapu

What a peaceful morning… Thank Lord for giving us a beautiful sunrise!

Color Your World: Desert Sand

Depending on which part of the day or the weather, sand have different color and feel… Which one do you like most?

One Word Photo Challenge: Positive

Every time when I watch the sun rising up the sky, I feel positive!

I know God is giving us another great day… 🙂

Sunrise in Cambodia


We are living in the solar system and the earth cannot survive with the sun…

No matter it’s sunrise or sunset, no matter it’s at home or in any part of the world, it’s just incredible given that it’s the creation of God, isn’t it?


We can find orange color easily in our mother nature…

Wake up early in the morning to enjoy sunrise if the weather is good.

Autumn leaves, common flowers and even butterflies…  Enjoy!

Sun is coming out… Happy Easter!

Raining days for more than a week in Hong Kong, the sun finally came out this morning thru blue clear sky…

Sunrise 3 26 2016

May Lord help us to put down all our sorrow in particular the tragedy in Belgium… Love each other and enjoy your lives…

Happy Easter!

Good Morning from Hong Kong

Having gone thru the coldest winter in Hong Kong since 1957 and the heavy rain last few days, the warm sun finally came out this morning…

Wish everyone of you a happy day no matter where you are…  God bless!

L1200992 a

Good morning from Phnom Penh 

Saturday morning in Phnom Penh, there are a lot of activities in front of the Palace…

Sunrise from riverside… 
Doggie leading yoga exercise…  
Selling lotus for worship… 
People are lining up to worship in the temple, so as the birds… 😄 
Yet this guy is still sleeping… He must be exhausted!  

New Theme for New Year

In the good old days, Chinese people used to wear new dresses for the first day of every new year.  Being a Chinese, I would like to continue this tradition by giving my blog a new theme (dress) and a new header image.  I hope you folks like it…

Happy New Year!

Jan 1 2016
First sunrise in Hong Kong 2016


Good Morning 2016

My cat Felix was enjoying the first sunrise of 2016…  She would like to say Happy New Year to all cat lovers… 🙂