Hot Summer in Hong Kong…

The summer in Hong Kong this year is so hot…  We went out early in the morning trying to take some photos for the butterflies, they don’t even want to come out.

You folks can feel the temperate from these photos…:)

Misty Kiritappu Wetland

First time to this Kiritappu Wetland area in Hamanaka-cho, Akkeshi District in Hokkaido… It’s also called the Wetland of flowers because numerous flowers can be found in summer time.

Kiritappu wetland color
Wooden boardwalks in Kiritappu Wetland

It is a huge flower bed…  The wooden boardwalks are great for visitors to walk thru and enjoy the magnificent view of the nature beauty!

Numerous flowers found in the wetland…


To me is to enjoy God’s creation…  This photo was taken by our friend in Taiwan in August this year.  We went up to the mountain to capture the sun rising from the other side of the mountain.  It was just spectacular!

Waiting for the sun to rise in Taiwan

This trip was mainly for chasing different types of butterflies in Taiwan.  Of course we would not miss any opportunity to enjoy the nature.  For more information about this Taiwan trip, do visit my blog:


Everyone needs water to survive…  Water has different forms that give us different feeling. Icy water keeps us cool.  Heavy rain storm sometimes hurts.  Morning mist keeps the nature fresh.  River helps to irrigate the fields…

Would like to share with you a photo I took in China during summer.  Its early in the morning.  Due to the temperature difference, the fog stays on the service of the river.  Its calm and peaceful…  Isn’t it?