What is a friend?  We might have hundreds friends in our Facebook connection or other social networking media.  However, I think a real friend is somebody who really understands you, cares about you and will be by you side when you need support.

I’ve seen Lynn Chadwick’s sculpture “Sitting Couple” in Hong Kong few days ago.  I was impressed by the way Lynn put the man and woman sitting together, though physically separated, yet the body language demonstrated the intimate relationship between the two.

They are friends…

Sitting Couple



Many governments in the world today do not really listen to the voice of their people… And newspapers and social media might distort the true picture…

That might be one of the reasons why we have Brexit, Trump’s victory and now the Italian poll outcome in 2016!

In our city Hong Kong, we have the same issue…  The two photos are coming from the two extremes…


God bless Hong Kong… God bless our world…  Amen!


Happy Birthday to Everybody…

Today is the seventh day of the Chinese New Year.  Traditionally, it’s named as the day for human being and it is the birthday of all people.

We would like to say happy birthday to everybody…

Sun shining this morning to celebrate the birthday of human being…

Today is also February 14, the Valentine Day…  Flowers, gifts, hugs, cards, hearts are all over the social media as well as on the streets.

We dined outside tonight to celebrate both our Birthday and our Valentine Day…:)

Happy Valentine Day to you too!!!