One Word Photo Challenge: Clothes

Every March 15 (Lunar calendar), the girls in Guizhou have a parade to show off their beauty…  They wear their traditional costume with silver headset and necklace.  These silver ornaments are really heavy.  They more they wear, the richer they are.  This is a way to show off and to attract boys…:)


You can also get into my earlier blog on Guizhou Sisters Festival for more photos… 🙂


Mother’s Triumph

Every April, the Miao ethnic group in Guizhou celebrate the so-called “Sisters” festival.  All the girls in the nearby areas will dress up formally with all their silver jewelry and head ornaments dancing in a parade along the main street of the town.  The main purpose is to make herself the prettiest to attract the boys…  The heavy silver ornaments are to show off the wealth of their family.

The mothers are busy to make sure their girls are the best…  This is the day of the mothers’ triumph!

Proud mother helped her girl to put on the heavy silver head ornament properly

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