Color your World: Red

We love red… in particular when Christmas is coming!

Wish you all have a safe, healthy and merry Christmas…

Color your World: Radical Red

It’s red… It’s radical… Hope you like it!


It’s red hot…  The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or China Rose flower is here to attract the attention of bees and other insects!  And it attracts me as well… 🙂

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis or China Rose


Red together with blue comes purple…  Depending on percentage of red or blue, it becomes more reddish or bluer.

It’s a pretty and romantic color.  I love to put it together with yellow, it gets sharper and brighter. Don’t you agree with me?

Water Lily

One Word Photo Challenge: Contrast

Contrast can be big and small, black and white, old and new…  Today I’ll choose green and red.

This little Emesis mandana attracted me because of its red colour in the greens during my trip in Peru.

Hope you like it…:)l1340364-emesis-mandana


Edge & Alignment

One of the best example in alignment can be found in the traditional Chinese temple… This temple was built more than 100 years ago in Macau.  Gold and red are the colors for good luck and happiness.  The two soldiers on the door were here to guide the temple.  The four characters on the top is the name of the temple.  The two rhyming couplets shared the greatness and importance of the temple in this area.