Yellow Orange

Don’t know whether these butterflies were attracted by the color of the oranges or their taste…  🙂l1310457-cissia-penelope


Camel or horse?  They are both…  And they are really tough!

I met them in Peru while crossing the mountains from west to the coast last year…




Orange is easy to find everyday…  It’s one of my favorite fruits as well.

I’m not the only one,  these butterflies in Peru love oranges too…



These two dragonflies were enjoying the afternoon in Bosque de Shollet, Peru…

Why not?  Life is short, isn’t it?



This photo was taken during my trip in Peru earlier in May…  We drove from Lima crossing the mountain to San Mateo.  It’s quite a long drive.  However, comparing to the distance that we flew all the way from Hong Kong to Ecuador, 40 hours door-to-door, this was just peanut… 😆

Crossing the Andes…

Travelling from Lima to San Ramon of Peru, we have to cross the Andes.

From sea level up to more than 4,800 meters, from hot to icy mountain top…

We passed thru the mining towns, the once be the highest above sea level rail…  And the rock formations are just magnificent!

We also met llama, alpaca and vicuña… What an experience!