I love painting when I was a kid… Unfortunately, during the 50’s, you might not be able to earn a living if you’re an artist!

Thanks God that I have time to pick up painting again after my retirement…🙏🙏🙏

These are a few of my work in the past years… Hope you like them!

My Cats:  Felix, Milky & Latte
My Dad
First man on moon

Van Gogh’s Painting on the Sky…

Love to watch clouds’ formation…  This one reminds me Vincent’s style!

This is taken in Southern Island of New Zealand…  I love it!

Van Gogh’s Painting on the Sky

Early Retirement Plan… Enjoy Life Earlier

My retirement plan was developed end of 2005…  Why that early?  In the good old days, statistics told us most retirees passed away around two years after retirement in our company.  Isn’t it scary?  I want to enjoy life after retirement, so I need to plan earlier…

The first thing I want to do was to go back to school to continue my painting class that I did not have chance to finish when I was young.  I did…  I completed my first formal Chinese Painting diploma course in 2009 and these are some of my work in our Graduation Exhibition in April 2010… 🙂

Enjoying Life
Enjoying Life – My Dad
Foggy Yellow Mountain
Foggy Yellow Mountain
Walking on the Moon
Walking on the Moon





Knowing my neighbors…

Trying to know all my neighbors is almost impossible…

I pick up three bloggers who like my post yesterday and I’m going to follow them.  The reason I pick them is that I’ve found pretty photos of the nature in their blogs and/or sites.

Well, I would like to introduce myself here so that you folks might want to know me more…

I’m a Chinese living in Hong Kong.  I worked in a US Corporation for almost 28 years and now I retired.  I love nature, I love drawing and painting, I love taking photos.  I have 7 cats, three staying with me in the house and the other four decide to have freedom that they only come for food, water, toilet and the place to rest.

Here are my blogs that I wrote: