Don’t touch my baby…  All mothers love their babies, right?



Our door is unlocked…  We are open…  Welcome to our restaurant…

This little boy in Nepal welcomes his guest in the morning!

We are open


This woman opened the door and greeted me in Bhaktapur City, an ancient Nepal city built in 800 A.D.  I’m sure she is younger than the city… 🙂


Nepal – a Colorful Country

Last month, I visited Nepal for just eight days…  This mountain country impressed me a lot…   Even though the country is not rich comparing to the modern developed world, I’ve found the people there are very positive and cheerful.  The earthquake last year hit them hard, the rebuild process is still ongoing, yet there are smiles on people’s faces.

No matter they are young or old, rich or poor, they wear cheerful colors.  It’s a colorful country…:)

This might be because of their religion…  In Nepal, 70% of the people are Hindu and the rest are mainly in Tibetan Buddhism.  People worship early in the morning before dawn and you can find places for people to pray and worship everywhere on the street.


May God bless the people in Nepal…  Always happy, always cheerful, always colorful!



Two weeks ago, I’ve had a chance to get a close look to paddy field in a village called Khokana near Kathmandu, Nepal, my first time ever…:)

The rice is not ripe yet.  Well, it’s not something we find everyday in city here like Hong Kong.  Hope you like it…


One Word Photo Challenge: Craft

Have a chance to visit Nepal last week…  I’m impressed by the wood decoration on their buildings…  Unfortunately, many of them were destroyed by the earthquake last year.

Following is the beautiful wood windows found in Bhaktapur, an old city built in the 8th century.


Another photo is taken in The Architecture Galleries in Patan… Are they pretty?  Hope you like them too…:)