When we think about museum, we always think about big building, magnificent architecture, many displays…  etc.

However, this is the museum I remember most.  I was there in the mid-70s when we drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.  The building is simple…  The displays are mainly outside the building…

What a memory…:)

IMG_2570 (2)


I was in Taiwan two weeks ago…  We went up to Alishan trying to take some photos of the clouds.  Unfortunately, the weather was not too good.  We then went shopping near one of the old railway stations.

I went into the museum next to the old rail and I found the train that used to run on this route.


This looked familiar and I remember I took a picture with this type of train last time when I visited Alishan in 1971.

rail in 1971
Alishan railway station in 1971

Time flies…  What a memory!  I’m older and hopefully wiser.  But this type of train is now displaying in the museum.  It no longer brings people from one place to other. But it brings us history and a lot of memory…

Well, to me, life is just a journey that everyone of us goes thru! Isn’t it?

Peace Hotel in Shanghai

Visited Shanghai few days ago…  Passed by Peace Hotel, the oldest hotel and used to be the most luxury hotel there.  It has two buildings, the North and the South.  Both were renovated and it marks the changes of Shanghai in the past 100 years…

Peace Hotel

The famous Old Jazz Band in the North Building…


Very classic hotel hallway…

Peace Hotel 3

The South Building has fusion with the classic and the modern, the old and the new…

Busy Huangpu River from the roof…