We have terrible weather in Hong Kong, heavy rain and thunderstorm all day long…

Poor Milky has to hideout under the curtain!




Would love to share with you the picture of the cat family used to stay in our garage…  Two cat mothers carried seven kittens.  We adopted three kittens and gave the other four to two other families.

Cat Family

Now the kittens are almost four years old… living happily in our home.  They are key members of our family…:)


We seldom use our curtain at home given that our windows are facing south.  However, our cats do…  They play hide-and-seek there everyday!


One Word Photo Challenge: Cat

Oh I love this challenge.   I’m a cat lover…

I have four cats at home and more outside my house…  They are all related.  If you love to know more about their story, please read my cat story!

Just share with you a few of their photos…  Aren’t they lovely…:)

Our visitor this week…

My daughter’s dog JJ came on Saturday and stay with us for a week…  Our cats are not very happy.  They all run away and find areas to hide.

The poor JJ doesn’t know why???

JJ is confused…
Tell me why?

Our cats have their toys as well… They are very excited!

Brother Love…

We all love Milky…  Given that we pay more attention to Milky, Latte is sometimes a bit jealous…😼  in particular when Felix hugs Milky!

Having said that, Milky and Latte love each other a lot…  That’s brother love… 💕

Are you okay?

Milky is the one we worry most among our three cats…  He is afraid of any new faces.  He hides himself up when the door bell rings! 

I didn’t  know what happened this morning.  Milky tore apart the side of his cartoon box… And Felix was a bit worry! 

We tried to calm him down and finally he was okay!  
Milky:  I’m okay, Don’t worry…🐱

Say goodbye to our good old friend…

It doesn’t move…  What’s happening?

Our cats, in particular Latte and Felix, love to watch our fishes every day.  I don’t know if they communicate, but they do know each other well for the past two years.

Well, life is tough…  Somehow some day you have to say goodbye… 😦

Latte doesn’t know what to do…
Felix kisses her goodbye…
Milky comes and says bye as well… 😦

Happy Birthday…

Today is the second birthday of our three cats…  They were born two years ago in our garage by two mothers, FaFa and Vita, together with four brothers and sisters, altogether seven.

We picked these three…

Our Trio
Milky, Latta, and Felix

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday