Color your World: Fuschia

This was two years ago in our backyard… Unfortunately, these flowers were destroyed by very strong wind last year. Glad that I took this picture for memory… 🙂


This was a photo I took in one of my earlier photography class…  This yellow duck reminds me the toy I used to play in my childhood.

Do you folks have the same type of memory?



DFW International Airport 

Flying from Hong Kong to Quito, we have to stop over Dallas… Arrived DFW at 4 in the afternoon but the next flight is 5 am the next day.  And we have to stay in the airport for 13 hours…

I remember my first trip to the States forty years ago… I also arrived DFW late at night and my connection to Galveston was early in the morning. It was my first trip out of Asia and I didn’t know that this new airport could be so huge and you had to take a train from one terminal to the other terminals.  All the shops were closed and I got nobody to ask.  I didn’t know what to do… Fortunately, I found a guy who also went to Galveston that morning and he led me the way.  

Time flies…  I’m forty years older and so does the DFW Airport.  I’ve learned how to enjoy life but the DFW Airport is getting more tighten after 911… 😅