Color your World: Vivid Tangerine

Sunrise in Xiapu

What a peaceful morning… Thank Lord for giving us a beautiful sunrise!


Thanks for this challenge…  It reminds me that I have not written diary for a long long time. I dig into my drawer and find this diary that I started writing in 1987, 29 years ago!

I read thru what I wrote and it’s amazing that time passed so fast and what I’ve gone thru these years…  There were smiles, tears, pain, happiness, ups, and downs…  Thank Lord that He never leave me alone and He’s always there with me when I face difficulties… Amen!

Well, with the technology today, we write blog…  I don’t have time to write diary anymore, do I?  Not only I record, but I can share…  Why not? Right?



Sun is coming out… Happy Easter!

Raining days for more than a week in Hong Kong, the sun finally came out this morning thru blue clear sky…

Sunrise 3 26 2016

May Lord help us to put down all our sorrow in particular the tragedy in Belgium… Love each other and enjoy your lives…

Happy Easter!

Flowers in rainy day…

It has been cold and rainy these few days in Hong Kong…  Though weather is tough, the flowers stay strong and surviving.  Thank Lord for taking care of those plants…  Keep growing splendidly and brighten our world!



Flowers have the best colors in this world, no matter they are simple or complicated… Thank Lord for creating them… 😊


First time in southern island of New Zealand…  First night in Lake Tekapo…  Thank Lord to give me the opportunity to view Your magnificent creation – our galaxy!

Galaxy in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Galaxy in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand