This photo was taken during my trip in Peru earlier in May…  We drove from Lima crossing the mountain to San Mateo.  It’s quite a long drive.  However, comparing to the distance that we flew all the way from Hong Kong to Ecuador, 40 hours door-to-door, this was just peanut… 😆

One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling

I was in Lima a few weeks ago and I visited the Church of San Pedro.  The construction was begun in 1569 and completed in 1638.  However, the modern San Pedro church facade was completed in the 1940’s.  I’m not very good in architecture, but this renaissance-style church is so pretty in particular the interior decoration.

This is the ceiling of the main chapel…


When we zoom in the top of the ceiling, you find this…  a nail hit right in the middle of the heart, I think this is Jesus’ heart.  I don’t understand Spanish though… 🙂


Hope you like it…

Crossing the Andes…

Travelling from Lima to San Ramon of Peru, we have to cross the Andes.

From sea level up to more than 4,800 meters, from hot to icy mountain top…

We passed thru the mining towns, the once be the highest above sea level rail…  And the rock formations are just magnificent!

We also met llama, alpaca and vicuña… What an experience!