Do you know how deep the heaven is?  I’m sure nobody knows except God…

However, we do enjoy what we can see from the lens…  Don’t you?

Galaxy in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Love you Dad

Today is my Dad’s 97th birthday…  Even though he is now in heaven, I’m sure he will love to celebrate his birthday like he did before.   The only thing he misses might be the mahjong game..:)

We miss you Dad…  We love you!  Happy Birthday!

DSC04376 adj
Birthday cake with Mahjong to celebrate his 90th birthday!


Thinking of our good old friend…

Ever since the fish left us, the cats feel lonely…  Darling fish, hope you have a nice time in heaven!

Happy Father’s Day…

I miss you Daddy…  Wish you have a nice day in heaven… I love you!