Color your World: Burnt Sienna

Only God can paint this gorgeous picture… Right?


We are living in the solar system and the earth cannot survive with the sun…

No matter it’s sunrise or sunset, no matter it’s at home or in any part of the world, it’s just incredible given that it’s the creation of God, isn’t it?


A flash from God gives us lives and energy… doesn’t it?

Garden of peaches in Tibet


Human being is supposed to be the cleverest creature God created. Might be we are so clever, we are destroying the world faster than we expect…

I took this picture yesterday on a beach in Hong Kong.  The poor birds are digging out food for their breakfast.   dirt

This common magpie is lucky…  It got a worm!  dirt-2

Well, I wish we can be more discipline so that the earth can be more healthy, more balance and everybody, not just human being, can live happily together…  Amen!

Scale & Observation

This little larva is enjoying its leaf…  It’s not easy to be found with the green jacket God provided!


Flowers have the best colors in this world, no matter they are simple or complicated… Thank Lord for creating them… 😊


Can be as calm as mirror…



Can be as rough as saw and sand paper that cut the rocks and smooth them into round balls…

Koekohe Beach 1
Round stones carved by ocean wave


Can be as shine as stars…

Shining Star in the morning
Shining stars in the morning


God made water in the second day and it’s a must for all living nature!