Good Night Osaka…

Last night in Osaka was very relax…  Getting ready to go home yet I enjoyed very much in this country.  The people are mostly friendly…  Everything is so neat and discipline. Comparing to my own country, I feel a bit ashamed…  Sorry, but it’s from the bottom of my heart…:)

Good night Osaka…  Will visit you again!


Milky, what are you thinking about?

Milky, one of our cats, used to be a very friendly cat.  He was our ambassador every time when we had visitors.  However, we decided to let him be the first cat to do the birth control operation last year, the character of Milky changed 100%.  He becomes shy, hates to meet new comers, and loves to be alone…  Everyday he watches birds, butterflies, moving trees thru the window…  His eyes are full of doubt and uncertainty…  Don’t worry Milky, we love you always… 🙂

What are you thinking about?
What are you thinking about?

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