Color your World: Screamin Green

Am I pretty?

Color your World: Green

Am I green enough to survive in this world? Hi from Ecuador!

Color Your World: Electric Lime

First time I captured hummingbird in Ecuador… It’s beautiful feather… Isn’t it amazing?


I met this pretty bird last May in San Jorge Eco-lodge in Tandayapa, Ecuador, first time in my life…

Thanks Luis Alcivar for teaching me how to shoot them.  What a memory!

Green-crowned brilliant



This photo was taken during my trip in Peru earlier in May…  We drove from Lima crossing the mountain to San Mateo.  It’s quite a long drive.  However, comparing to the distance that we flew all the way from Hong Kong to Ecuador, 40 hours door-to-door, this was just peanut… 😆

One Word Photo Challenge: Chameleon

I like this challenge…  But I only captured iguana and lizards in my Ecuador trip few weeks ago…  Hope you like them!