Color your World: Manatee

My drawing in the 90’s… Like it?

One Word Photo Challenge: Portrait

I teach primary students drawing every Sunday…  These are some examples they did on portraits last month.  Appreciate your comment!


My class work in Ontario College of Art during early 90’s…  If you like drawing, you can draw anything you like, even a scrap paper on the ground.

Hope you like it… 🙂

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This is a drawing I did almost a quarter of a century ago when I studied in Ontario College of Art in Toronto…  Time flies, doesn’t it?


Knowing my neighbors…

Trying to know all my neighbors is almost impossible…

I pick up three bloggers who like my post yesterday and I’m going to follow them.  The reason I pick them is that I’ve found pretty photos of the nature in their blogs and/or sites.

Well, I would like to introduce myself here so that you folks might want to know me more…

I’m a Chinese living in Hong Kong.  I worked in a US Corporation for almost 28 years and now I retired.  I love nature, I love drawing and painting, I love taking photos.  I have 7 cats, three staying with me in the house and the other four decide to have freedom that they only come for food, water, toilet and the place to rest.

Here are my blogs that I wrote: