One Word Photo Challenge: Computer

Worked in IBM for almost 28 years, I cannot survive without computer…:)

This is a photo that I took when I worked in my home office nine years ago.  My cat Dicky tried to help me finishing the email…:P

By the way, Dicky left us already.  But we miss him, love you Dicky!

Dicky at Work

One Word Photo Challenge: Cat

Oh I love this challenge.   I’m a cat lover…

I have four cats at home and more outside my house…  They are all related.  If you love to know more about their story, please read my cat story!

Just share with you a few of their photos…  Aren’t they lovely…:)

Dicky enjoying life in our new home…

When I decided to retire, we moved to a place further away from the city so that we can have more space for Dicky to walk around…  He enjoyed very much!  Unfortunately he stayed here only for two years and he left us…  No matter where you are, Dicky, you are always in our mind!

Dicky’s new life from Toronto to Hong Kong…

We decided to move back to Hong Kong in 1997…  Dicky had no choice but to be back together with us.  Poor Dicky had to change his life style from a house to a 800 square feet apartment in a high rise.  He spent 13 years in this small apartment together with us. Luckily, all our maids love Dicky very much that they treated him as their babies…:)

Dicky’s good old days in Toronto…

Today is Dicky’s 20th birthday…  Would like to share some of his pictures in Toronto!

Dicky our Love…

Today I’ve created a new Page for all cat lovers, a page dedicated for cats.

In the good old days where I was young, cats were only our servants for catching mice.  We kept them in a cage during the day and we let them out only after we went to bed.  Most cats were very fierce and caught you if you were moving around…

Today, cats are our friends, our family members…  Dicky, who was a gift from my daughter’s ex-boyfriend, was our first cat that lived with us for 17 plus years.  He left us 2 and half years ago…  For more pictures about Dicky, click to my new page Cat Lover!



Introducing My Family

I’ve moved to this home four years ago with my husband and our cat Dicky…  Two years ago Dicky left us at 17+ years of age.  Just a few months before Dicky left, we’ve found a street cat with two babies playing around our place.  This is where our family grow…

FaFa and Wonkie with Mom
FaFa and Wonkie with Mom

After two years, this cat family grew up to 25 members…  Some passed away, some got adopted. And now we have three of them in our house, four of them preferred to stay on the street but come back for food, water, toilet, and place to rest.

To know more about this cat story, please visit my blog: