For Chinese and many Asian people, dragon symbolizes the king of the country… And it also means healthy, strong and powerful.  So it’s great to start the new year and wish everyone of you a prosperous and happy 2017!

The photo was taken in the palace of Seoul few years ago.  Hope you like it!





Digital becomes a way of life nowadays…  People might not understand how it works, but we are using it everyday, from watches to appliances, from rockets to cars, from cameras to calculators…

The first digital system was invented by Chinese around 3000 B.C.  It’s the abacus.  It has been used until recently in most of the Asian countries like China and Japan.


My father used to be an accountant and he could use this abacus professionally even faster than a normal calculator.

Well, in this digital era, this little system becomes more like a culture or an art rather than a scientific instrument.

Don’t you agree with me?







New Theme for New Year

In the good old days, Chinese people used to wear new dresses for the first day of every new year.  Being a Chinese, I would like to continue this tradition by giving my blog a new theme (dress) and a new header image.  I hope you folks like it…

Happy New Year!

Jan 1 2016
First sunrise in Hong Kong 2016


Staying in Sydney for 10 days…

Have been in Sydney for more than 10 times in the past, mostly for business.  This is the first time we stayed in Sydney for visiting friends and relatives, attending wedding ceremony and staying here for more than three days with no busy meetings.

My perception on Sydney has totally changed…  I found it a beautiful city.  Not just the view, the weather, but L1150093also it’s varieties, it’s multi-culture…  In particular the food, other than Chinese food, we found Vietnamese, Korean, Mexican and of course Western style…  I love the city!

I will be back soon…


Delicious food in Singapore…

Singaporean food has favor of both Malay and Chinese…  It’s colorful and delicious. Yummy!

Edge & Alignment

One of the best example in alignment can be found in the traditional Chinese temple… This temple was built more than 100 years ago in Macau.  Gold and red are the colors for good luck and happiness.  The two soldiers on the door were here to guide the temple.  The four characters on the top is the name of the temple.  The two rhyming couplets shared the greatness and importance of the temple in this area.




There was a Chinese saying that it’s hard to clap with only one hand…  That’s very true.  No matter who you are, where you are, what you do, it’s always more effective and enjoyable if you have a good partner doing together with you.

I picked up these two birds this morning.  I don’t know what they are thinking about, but they give me a feeling that they are shooting at the Same Target – one key criterion of being successful partnership!



Aiming at the same target!


Early Retirement Plan… Enjoy Life Earlier

My retirement plan was developed end of 2005…  Why that early?  In the good old days, statistics told us most retirees passed away around two years after retirement in our company.  Isn’t it scary?  I want to enjoy life after retirement, so I need to plan earlier…

The first thing I want to do was to go back to school to continue my painting class that I did not have chance to finish when I was young.  I did…  I completed my first formal Chinese Painting diploma course in 2009 and these are some of my work in our Graduation Exhibition in April 2010… 🙂

Enjoying Life
Enjoying Life – My Dad
Foggy Yellow Mountain
Foggy Yellow Mountain
Walking on the Moon
Walking on the Moon





Mother’s Triumph

Every April, the Miao ethnic group in Guizhou celebrate the so-called “Sisters” festival.  All the girls in the nearby areas will dress up formally with all their silver jewelry and head ornaments dancing in a parade along the main street of the town.  The main purpose is to make herself the prettiest to attract the boys…  The heavy silver ornaments are to show off the wealth of their family.

The mothers are busy to make sure their girls are the best…  This is the day of the mothers’ triumph!

Proud mother helped her girl to put on the heavy silver head ornament properly

To know more about this festival, visit



Fireworks in the Natural World

Every Chinese New Year we have fireworks in Hong Kong…  People love to have fireworks for National Days, festivals, etc…  However, fireworks are not good for the nature!

To me, fireworks are everywhere if you are happy…  I’ve picked up this fireworks God created for us this morning…  I felt blessed!

Natural Fireworks
Fireworks by God