Color your World: Sepia

Hi… Happy Chinese New Year!

I know the Year of Pig was two years ago, but you still love me, don’t you?

Happy Birthday to Everybody…

Today is the seventh day of the Chinese New Year.  Traditionally, it’s named as the day for human being and it is the birthday of all people.

We would like to say happy birthday to everybody…

Sun shining this morning to celebrate the birthday of human being…

Today is also February 14, the Valentine Day…  Flowers, gifts, hugs, cards, hearts are all over the social media as well as on the streets.

We dined outside tonight to celebrate both our Birthday and our Valentine Day…:)

Happy Valentine Day to you too!!!

To celebrate Chinese New Year…

There are many traditional ways to celebrate Chinese New Year… We have a lot of New Year dishes, married couples or elders give lucky money to the kids or younger generation. When we were young, we could set off firecrackers.  However, for safety reason, Hong Kong government has banned firecrackers during mid-70s.  In recent years, we have firework to kick off the year on the second day of the New Year.  It’s also a way to attract tourists to visit Hong Kong…

Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Year!!!



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Fireworks in the Natural World

Every Chinese New Year we have fireworks in Hong Kong…  People love to have fireworks for National Days, festivals, etc…  However, fireworks are not good for the nature!

To me, fireworks are everywhere if you are happy…  I’ve picked up this fireworks God created for us this morning…  I felt blessed!

Natural Fireworks
Fireworks by God