Color your World: Cornflower

What a peaceful morning…

Color your World: Asparagus

Don’t have time to go to market for asparagus… Hope these two are close enough! One taken in China and the other one in New Zealand.

Hope you like them… 🙂

Color your World: Vivid Tangerine

Sunrise in Xiapu

What a peaceful morning… Thank Lord for giving us a beautiful sunrise!

Color your World: Silver

These silver head ornaments are pretty, aren’t they?


This photo was taken on July 19 earlier this year, the seventh day after the death of Mr. Liu Xiaobo, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner.   He won the Nobel Peace Prize for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.  He was the first Chinese citizen to be awarded a Nobel Prize of any kind while residing in China.

This candle light symbolized Mr. Liu’s continuous struggle in human rights and it will never dim even he left us…  People will continue to fight for freedom and hope for the better future…



Kazakhstan, I’ve never been there…  However, I visited Baihaba Village few weeks ago.  This village is right on the border between China and Kazakhstan.  And we can see the Kazakhstan side from the mountain!

Kazakhstan border


I visited Xinjiang last two weeks and passed by many beautiful lakes and met wonderful people there…

Aren’t they pretty?



Digital becomes a way of life nowadays…  People might not understand how it works, but we are using it everyday, from watches to appliances, from rockets to cars, from cameras to calculators…

The first digital system was invented by Chinese around 3000 B.C.  It’s the abacus.  It has been used until recently in most of the Asian countries like China and Japan.


My father used to be an accountant and he could use this abacus professionally even faster than a normal calculator.

Well, in this digital era, this little system becomes more like a culture or an art rather than a scientific instrument.

Don’t you agree with me?







What happened today 26 years ago…

I was in Houston, Texas today 26 years ago staying in my sister’s home.  My younger sister in Hong Kong called and told us that the tanks were marching to the Tiananmen Square and many people were killed… I just could not believe that this was true because I thought China should be going towards the right direction and I was wrong…

After 26 years, the Chinese Government still do not admit what they did…  They are trying to cover it up as much as possible so that people will forget this piece of history. Fortunately, there were quite a lot of foreign journalists still staying in Beijing right after the visit of Gorbachev.  News were spread out all over the world in minutes.

My sister bought me this booklet when I came back to Hong Kong weeks later…  I don’t know when the Chinese Government can face the truth of the history.  But I really hope this type of massacre will not happen in China and/or any other part of the world!

June 4

Mother’s Triumph

Every April, the Miao ethnic group in Guizhou celebrate the so-called “Sisters” festival.  All the girls in the nearby areas will dress up formally with all their silver jewelry and head ornaments dancing in a parade along the main street of the town.  The main purpose is to make herself the prettiest to attract the boys…  The heavy silver ornaments are to show off the wealth of their family.

The mothers are busy to make sure their girls are the best…  This is the day of the mothers’ triumph!

Proud mother helped her girl to put on the heavy silver head ornament properly

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