Fishes on the beach…

Don’t know why there were lots of small fishes on the beach this morning…  They attracted a lot of birds in particular the egrets to come by for free breakfast.


In the afternoon the party was even bigger…  I’ve never seen so many egrets in this area.  I don’t know if the fishes were fine for eating and if they were polluted.

Well, the egrets enjoyed their free lunch a lot …:)

What a busy and happy day!


Happy Magpies…

A family of Common Magpie built a nest near our place recently…  Yesterday, I found their youngsters playing on the beach, very noisy.  But they are so cute, aren’t they?

Happy Little Egret

Today is the last day of 2015…  This little egret was very happy dancing and playing on the beach this morning…

Would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone of you a happy New Year!!!