Color your World: Atomic Tangerine

Autumn leaves in Korea… Are they pretty?

Color your World: Salmon

These autumn leaves are not hot red… they are romantic salmon!

Aren’t they pretty?

Color your World: Outrageous Orange

Looking forward to Autumn time…

No more COVID-19, no more social distancing…

And the world can get back to normal…

God bless… Amen!

Color your World: Mango Tango

Isn’t it close enough? Hope you like this!

Red Leaves – Sweet Gum

When we think about Autumn leaves, we usually think about Maples… However, in Hong Kong, our red leaves are not Maples. They are Sweet Gum. They are different types of trees.

Sweet Gum in Tai Tong is a native deciduous tree of outstanding, graceful shape, up to 30 metres tall. The foliage colour changes with seasons – from bright green in spring and summer to yellow to bright red and anything in between in autumn and winter. Sweet Gum flowers from March to June. The woody, mace-like fruits can be seen on the branches when they become ripe in winter.


We can find orange color easily in our mother nature…

Wake up early in the morning to enjoy sunrise if the weather is good.

Autumn leaves, common flowers and even butterflies…  Enjoy!


Nobody can create nature, only God can…  That’s one of the reasons why I pick up the camera and go shooting!

These are some photos I picked from my album…  Can you figure out where I took?

Hope you like them… 🙂

Challenge in November 2014…

Time flies…  The challenge in Photography 101 ends.  Thanks for all the comments, advice, likes, and engagement…  To wrap up, would like to put those liked most together again in one shot!


Autumn Colors…

It’s a colorful world…  even in Autumn.  Leaves captured in South Korea last week!

Ideal street…

Is where you can walk with your other half with no worry…