One Word Photo Challenge: Craft

Have a chance to visit Nepal last week…  I’m impressed by the wood decoration on their buildings…  Unfortunately, many of them were destroyed by the earthquake last year.

Following is the beautiful wood windows found in Bhaktapur, an old city built in the 8th century.


Another photo is taken in The Architecture Galleries in Patan… Are they pretty?  Hope you like them too…:)



Architecture is not just science and art… It’s also culture and nature!

We lived in a small hotel in Quito in May and I found this courtyard just amazing!  It’s roof demonstrates the nature of Ecuador,  the trees, the birds in particular the hummingbirds.

I can even hear them singing… 😆


Challenge in November 2014…

Time flies…  The challenge in Photography 101 ends.  Thanks for all the comments, advice, likes, and engagement…  To wrap up, would like to put those liked most together again in one shot!


Edge and Squares

I visited the boundary between Hong Kong and China this morning and I found this house in a village…  It reminds me of the good old days of the 60’s.  The stone pattern and it’s window frame give me a feeling of Bauhaus architecture.  It’s firm and sturdy…  It’s pretty!60's house 60's wall

The Arctic Cathedral in Tromso

Today’s challenge is Architecture…  The “A” in architecture reminds me the Arctic Cathedral I took earlier this year in Tromso!  Another challenge is to make it Black and White…  This is the first time I change a color picture into black and white.  How do you like it?

The Arctic Cathedral in Tromso
The Arctic Cathedral in Tromso

I then moved it around and changed it’s direction… I’ve found this more interesting.  What do you think?

The Arctic Cathedral from other angle
The Arctic Cathedral from other angle