We can find orange color easily in our mother nature…

Wake up early in the morning to enjoy sunrise if the weather is good.

Autumn leaves, common flowers and even butterflies…  Enjoy!


Unmellow Yellow

Don’t know if this matches with the colour unmellow yellow…  But I like this little flowers.  I took this in the Hong Kong Flower Show last week.  I don’t know it’s name though.  If anybody knows what it is, do let me know.  Thanks.

Hope you like it too!



We visited Lake Baikal in February and we had fun with snow all around us…


Nobody can create nature, only God can…  That’s one of the reasons why I pick up the camera and go shooting!

These are some photos I picked from my album…  Can you figure out where I took?

Hope you like them… 🙂


When we think about museum, we always think about big building, magnificent architecture, many displays…  etc.

However, this is the museum I remember most.  I was there in the mid-70s when we drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.  The building is simple…  The displays are mainly outside the building…

What a memory…:)

IMG_2570 (2)


A foggy morning in Tasminia…

Morning mist


Don’t touch my baby…  All mothers love their babies, right?


Red Orange

We bought this few years ago and it always gives us pretty red orange flowers…

What a blessing!26992017_10213330246385201_8509706232082411165_n


I can see only one color this morning…  Aquamarine!

Have a great day… 🙂




Mansions found in the Central District of Hong Kong..DSC_6988